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Human factor

Humans are creatures of habits leading to many automatic responses, actions allowing for the mind to drift away, experience often plays against humans as many things are taken for granted subconsciously and they will often accumulate fatigue believing that they can take it. Repetitive tasks, repeated actions around them becomes ignored. PreAcc accounts for human factor in designing accident prevention aid solutions.

WORK SITE PHYSIcal environment 

The physical environment of work sites impact the efficiency of detection technology. No matter if outdoor, indoor, underground and/or a combination of locations all carry a load of elements that must be taken in consideration in the design of safety systems that rely on detection technologies to identify risks of accidents.

WORK SITE operations

Work site operations and efficiency is a fact of life. Workers need to work along side machinery to accomplish their tasks. If alerts are made each time machine and worker are at proximity to one another without consideration for the requirements of operations, workers will be annoyed by such excessive alerts that will simply lead to hindering operations and lost of efficiency of the safety solution as workers will end up ignoring such excessive alerts.

WORK SITE access

Some work sites are closed with tight controls, some are shared with other operators and of them are open to a certain degree. Methods of handling safety as efficiently as possible, including to temporary visitors are important consideration for best possible safety solutions. When safety gear can be pretty much ensured, the safety solution has a best chance to efficiency, but gate control are not always possible and in such cases, innovative solutions are sometimes possible.

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The foundation of PreAcc accident prevention solutions is the design of such solutions focussing on specific risks of accident within the realm of operations, the necessity of workers to perform around and with machinery and efficiency.

Accident prevention solutions must operate in such harsh and varying environments that PreAcc will often combined various fondamental technologies, including its own, within the concept and design of solutions proposed to our customers.

The three (3) basic elements to a working accident prevention solution are of course;

  • Detection

  • Filtering & Conditions

  • Alerting

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